Welfare Zombie Preppers

By | April 9, 2016

We have a lot of freeloaders in our society. It seems more every day. Sadly there are many in the prepping community that want to have all the benefits of preparedness and none of the work it takes to prepare. They want someone else to do the work for them. And this boggles the mind. How can someone who knows they need to prepare, an activity that requires focus, determination, and independence, sit idle and let someone else do all the work?

We’ve been working for 3 years to get people active in preparedness. Giving talks all over the commonwealth of Virginia. Not a location goes by where we are asked questions after the presentation one-on-one. Often there is a person who says “where should I get started?” and that’s 1 red flag as we’ve likely just spent the last hour telling all in the room how to do that. The other red flag is the long pauses, those ones where freeloaders have learned that “someone” will do it for them if they just hold their hand out there long enough.

The problem is that prepping isn’t some collective, sit around the campfire, activity. NO ONE is coming to save you when disaster strikes. And when/if they were, the government would get in the way, if you doubt this look at the recent Tornadoes in Appomattox.

zombiesSo why this attitude in prepping? It’s out belief that like all things the zombification of America is bleeding over into everything. And sadly that includes prepping.

Where should you start? You should start.