Sheepdog Shooting Match – April 23,2016 – Central Virginia

By | April 9, 2016
Join us for the 6th Sheepdog Run and Gun

A 3 stage pistol and rifle course designed to let you test your gear and your skills.See attached flyer to print and share and email to friends.

April 23,2016 at 9:30

The video linked below is from 2013. The course will be a bit different this year. But still great.
Video on FacebookWe will be keeping score so you can have a baseline on your performance.
This event is designed to let you run your systems and see what works, not to be a competition. But it’s a competition just the same. But bring your game face.
What shooters will need:
Magazine fed semi-auto rifle(.22 – .308) with sling
Pistol & Holster
Lots of Ammo (+100 Rounds each weapon, depending on how many times course is run)
Extra Magazines for your weapons
Load Bearing System Optional (but recommended)
Ear and Eye protection
Water/Sunscreen/Bug Spray
LOCATION: 10 Minutes from 460 & Leesville Rd in Evington, VA
Register at belowCOST: $15 for VRR Members $20 for Non-Members – Funds go to the military care package program we are launching when the local guard units deploy to Quatar. – The VRR will be sending care packages to the infantry unit.Depending on the speed at which we can reset the course, shooters can run it multiple times.

We will shoot RAIN or SHINE