Prep For Success

By | September 19, 2017

If you had hours to get out, would you like to spend that time finding all your gear? Or securing all your valuables? Millions of people across the country are experience the answer to these questions with Hurricanes, Flooding, Fires and more.

I took a look at my family readiness as I do every Fall. I’m glad nothing happened that necessitated us bugging out. We would not have been ready. As is the case often I train with the gear I have. So one bag had my cook system. Another had my purifier. Another had a sleep system. And the shelter tarp. None of the bags had a flashlight. I pulled them months ago with the intention of replacing batteries. Never did that. And never put them back either.

I’ve since corrected the above deficiencies. I have a few more things to add like maps. I’ve made a list and am fixing these bags.

Prep for success!

Remember this prepping adage: One is none. And Two is one. That’s because if you have one flashlight and it dies. You have none. And if you have 2 and one dies. You still have one.

If you are in the central virginia area there are 2 great places to get geared up. Indian Rock Tactical in Bedford and the surplus guy at the County Line Flea Market near new london.

NOW is the time to prep when stuff is cheap. Guns. Ammo. Magazines. EVERYTHING is so cheap right now.

No point re-inventing the Go-Bag wheel:

75 Bug Out Bag List Essentials