Land Stewardship

Are you tired of people trespassing on your land in Virginia?

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We teach orienteering, primitive survival and more. We can help you in the following ways.

  • Land Stewardship
  • Trespassing management and reporting
  • Sign Posting – No Trespassing and No Hunting signs provided by you

Did you know that you can’t be held liable for people engaging in sporting activities on your land?



Concern about legal liability for recreationists prevents some landowners from sharing access to their undeveloped lands with others. However, the Virginia General Assembly has addressed this concern in Virginia Code Section 29-130.2. as amended in 1982. Paragraph (b) of the code states:

A landowner shall owe no duty of care to keep land or premises safe for entry or use by others for hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, participation in water sports, boating, biking, hiking, sightseeing, hang gliding, skydiving, horseback riding and bicycle riding, collecting, gathering, cutting or removing firewood, nor shall a landowner be required to give any warning of hazardous conditions or uses of, structures on, or activities on such land or premises to any person entering on such land or premises for such purposes except as provided in (d) hereof.

The exceptions, in paragraph (d), concern payment of a fee, other than that necessary to cover taxes, to the landowner and “willful or malicious failure to guard or warn against a dangerous condition, use or structure” on the property.

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But there is more to wanting people to respect your property than liability right? Damage and mess associated with people trespassing can be a real problem.

By granting access to members of the Virginia Ready Reserve to use for the purpose of training we can help abate some of these problems.

We are not looking for land to hunt on. If available we do enjoy shooting but that isn’t the primary activity we need to engage in and if you don’t want that on your property we will respect this.

What we need:

Written Permission to access your property

Restrictions of activity on your property if any

Time and Date restrictions for your property if any

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Land Stewardship

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