Free Training: Intelligence analysis and more

By | May 26, 2015


The first set of 4 courses area FREE and Upgraded recently to a video format. Highly recommended and useful training.

If you are in the Central area and would like to meet to take the other classes offered we have a group that will be doing this. The cost will be minimal or none if you can’t afford it. Send a message here or on the forum and get plugged in.

Among the training available for Patriots, Preppers and Survivalists, Intelligence is the critical missing piece of being prepared.  Intelligence contributes more to your security than any other training you can take because we focus on identifying and understanding the threat.  Because Intelligence is the blind spot for most of this community, former members of the US Intelligence Community and Special Operations have designed intelligence courses geared towards the Prepper and Survivalist.

Intelligence analysis exists because we need to make sense of information and because we need to reduce uncertainty.  It’s through analysis that intelligence is created, and intelligence provides us security.

So get started on the path to improving your security as a prepper.  This course is free.  It contains 50 minutes of audio/video and several downloadable intelligence manuals and articles for your reference.


Note: If you don’t want to travel to the central area to do this training with us then get others together and do it with them in your AO. Get a location. Pick some dates. and I’ll bring this material to you!