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Prep For Success

If you had hours to get out, would you like to spend that time finding all your gear? Or securing all your valuables? Millions of people across the country are experience the answer to these questions with Hurricanes, Flooding, Fires and more. I took a look at my family readiness as I do every Fall.… Read More »

Care Package Update

When the final box arrives we will have put together 42 care packages to soldiers serving in Qatar. Here is a picture of the latest and final boxed up batch. We are in the process of finding people to adopt a package. We raised a good amount of money and it’s all gone. We also… Read More »

VRR National Guard Care Package Program

We met this Thursday at Indian Rock Tactical in Bedford,VA to begin boxing up the first care packages what will be sent to the Bedford National Guard Unit serving in Quatar. Specifically to Company A (Company A,1st Battalion,116th Infantry Regiment,116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team) Anyone wanting to send items directly may do so to: Captain… Read More »

Helping Your Neighbor

One of the things the VRR is all about is helping your neighbor. When a local member had a tree section break in their yard we were happy to help.  Sometimes you need a few helping hands and a chainsaw. Yes, chainsaws are great.

Our Memorial Day – Ride In The Deuce

An opportunity presented itself to do a remembrance celebration drive on memorial day. Ever wanted to ride in the back of a Deuce and a half? We did on Memorial Day       We drove out to wards road. Down to Fort Ave. then downtown. Picked up some people at monument terrace preparing for… Read More »

Advice For Ticks

Doctor’s advice for springtime As our weather finally warms, ticks will reappear in increasing numbers. During the last 15 months of my rheumatology practice (September 2013 through December 2014), more than 200 patients were checked for tick-related diseases. I had 147 patients who had positive blood tests for alpha gal tick disease that has been… Read More »