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Spring/Summer FTX – June 4,2016

I’d like to invite you to our Spring /Summer FTX. This will be a sun up to sun down training day. RTR, Comms,Team Tactics, Patrol and more. We will be working with various groups to provide a dynamic day of training. We are reaching out to many groups and are looking to have more than… Read More »

Set Goals For 2016

I’m not a fan of resolutions. They are merely some fantasy that most never achieve. They are not Goals. Goals need to be measurable,attainable,purposed,have time attached to them and much more. Most of the fools that are filling up my gym are not operating on Goals. They are operating on resolutions and as a result… Read More »

The VRR 2016 Training Calendar

This calendar is subject to change for your AO(area of operation) but is the suggested calendar for all Districts within the VRR. If you don’t have anything happening in your AO; step up and we will help you grow your area. Or make the drive to areas that are training. The training listed here is… Read More »

FTX – Field Training Exercise – October 9-10, 2015

October 9-10,2015 We will kick this off on Friday October 9,2015 at 1700hrs and will wrap it up on Saturday between 1600-1800hrs The purpose of this FTX will be to test your gear, and grow your skills and work in a team environment. Ever run that bug out bag? Can you shoot that rifle? What… Read More »