Care Package Update

By | January 5, 2017

20170105_101239When the final box arrives we will have put together 42 care packages to soldiers serving in Qatar.

Here is a picture of the latest and final boxed up batch. We are in the process of finding people to adopt a package. We raised a good amount of money and it’s all gone. We also got some food donations to make some more to pack up as you can see here.

Thanks to all who have donated and helped with this effort.

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Captain Worley Sends:

“This past weekend we conducted a squad live fire exercise.  Each day four squads went through a live fire scenario with a full combat load of ammunition for their squad organic weapons, to include their squad automatic weapons, and sim rounds for their grenade launchers.  The scenario required each squad to fire and maneuver over terrain and through obstacles while maintaining a high volume of fire on enemy positions.  Each squad reacted to contact, conducted a hasty attack, reacted to a counter attack, and then broke contact under pressure.  Each squad was assessed on their tactical proficiency, individual soldier skills, and the accuracy of their fires.
Each day four squads went through the event.  Each day the leader of the squad that was assessed as the top performer for proficiency and with the highest number of recorded hits on targets was given a knife with your letter.
Thank you again for your support of the soldiers of the commonwealth.”
From the Soldier’s Platoon Leader
“Thank you for the care package.  It was much appreciated and a huge morale booster for the Soldier.  We awarded it to Hodge for exceptional improvement over the last 5 months.  PFC Hodge is an extremely motivated Soldier who is a trusted rifleman in 1st SQD, and one of our camera operators. He is currently working and studying rigorously for the Soldier of the Month competition coming up.  PFC Hodge has been working very hard on improving his physical fitness as well as his mental toughness, and has made significant improvements since we left in May.  He was very grateful for the package. Thank you again.”
Captain Worley Sends:
“We gave [another] care package to a soldier who became a subject matter expert on a camera system we operate as part of our base defense.  The system allows us to see 20k away and has thermal and night capability.  He is a lower ranking enlisted soldier who displayed superior tactical proficiency and worked above his pay grade to coordinate repairs and training from the contractors who support the system.”
Captain Worley Sends:
“Just wanted to let you know that we gave out the first care package knife last week.  The Soldier who received it was from our 3rd Platoon.  He received the knife for having the best time during the stress shoot for short range marksmanship.  The stress shoot consisted of a 50 meter sprint in full kit (Kevlar armor with all 4 plates plus gear), doing 10 burpees in full kit, and then engaging a sequence of targets from the standing position.
Just wanted to let you know packages are being put to use.  Thanks again for your support.”