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Spring/Summer FTX – June 4,2016

FTXI’d like to invite you to our Spring /Summer FTX. This will be a sun up to sun down training day. RTR, Comms,Team Tactics, Patrol and more. We will be working with various groups to provide a dynamic day of training. We are reaching out to many groups and are looking to have more than 40 in attendance.

Camping the night before (Friday) is an option.

Training will take place near Lynchburg,VA on private land (300 acres)

If you would like to work with your tribe and practice your craft then June 4,2016 may be for you.

Cost $20.00 – That’s practically free!!!!

And that’s mainly to raise support for our care package program supporting the natl-guard while on deployment to Quatar.

The FTX will be on June 4,2016

Location: Central VA
Sunrise to whenever we are done that day.
Optional camping the night before.

4 Campsites
1 Basecamp
Live Fire rifle movement and training
Small Unit Tactics
Radio Communications
Mission Planning
Coordination and Linkup with other groups from the 4 campsites.

Lots more.



Welfare Zombie Preppers

We have a lot of freeloaders in our society. It seems more every day. Sadly there are many in the prepping community that want to have all the benefits of preparedness and none of the work it takes to prepare. They want someone else to do the work for them. And this boggles the mind. How can someone who knows they need to prepare, an activity that requires focus, determination, and independence, sit idle and let someone else do all the work?

We’ve been working for 3 years to get people active in preparedness. Giving talks all over the commonwealth of Virginia. Not a location goes by where we are asked questions after the presentation one-on-one. Often there is a person who says “where should I get started?” and that’s 1 red flag as we’ve likely just spent the last hour telling all in the room how to do that. The other red flag is the long pauses, those ones where freeloaders have learned that “someone” will do it for them if they just hold their hand out there long enough.

The problem is that prepping isn’t some collective, sit around the campfire, activity. NO ONE is coming to save you when disaster strikes. And when/if they were, the government would get in the way, if you doubt this look at the recent Tornadoes in Appomattox.

zombiesSo why this attitude in prepping? It’s out belief that like all things the zombification of America is bleeding over into everything. And sadly that includes prepping.

Where should you start? You should start.

Sheepdog Shooting Match – April 23,2016 – Central Virginia

Join us for the 6th Sheepdog Run and Gun

A 3 stage pistol and rifle course designed to let you test your gear and your skills.See attached flyer to print and share and email to friends.

April 23,2016 at 9:30

The video linked below is from 2013. The course will be a bit different this year. But still great.
Video on FacebookWe will be keeping score so you can have a baseline on your performance.
This event is designed to let you run your systems and see what works, not to be a competition. But it’s a competition just the same. But bring your game face.
What shooters will need:
Magazine fed semi-auto rifle(.22 – .308) with sling
Pistol & Holster
Lots of Ammo (+100 Rounds each weapon, depending on how many times course is run)
Extra Magazines for your weapons
Load Bearing System Optional (but recommended)
Ear and Eye protection
Water/Sunscreen/Bug Spray
LOCATION: 10 Minutes from 460 & Leesville Rd in Evington, VA
Register at belowCOST: $15 for VRR Members $20 for Non-Members – Funds go to the military care package program we are launching when the local guard units deploy to Quatar. – The VRR will be sending care packages to the infantry unit.Depending on the speed at which we can reset the course, shooters can run it multiple times.

We will shoot RAIN or SHINE

How To Store Food

Need to know how to store food?

Ebay Store I’ve used:

East Coast Food Storage