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We unconditionally support constitutional Law. First within Virginia and then at the Federal Level. We believe our rights are UnALienAble and they come from God. That they can not be bought, sold, traded, or mortgaged for any reason. That to trade Security for Liberty, you will in fact get neither.

We support the right of all members to carry arms. That an armed society is prudent, proper and polite. Further we believe all members should be involved in training with those arms in whatever way they may determine will best effect their personal and community safety.

During training and when serving our communities, we encourage all members who are legally able to carry a weapon to do so. We believe that when seconds count, the police are minutes away. That each individual is responsible for their own safety.

We believe in the promotion of traditional Judeo-Christian values, morals, and laws. While this belief is not required for membership, all members must recognize that republican constitutional government stems from the Judeo-Christian measure for measure system of justice and natural law.

Our primary goal is community preparedness and preservation.

The Virginia Ready Reserve is available to lead preparedness seminars all across the Commonwealth.If you would like to host a seminar please Contact Us. We also hold preparedness related classes on Water Purification, Radio Communications,Family Disaster Planning, Food Storage, and more.

Official Mission Statement:
The Virginia Ready Reserve is an organization of free persons, who believe in the existence of the inalienable right to life, liberty and private ownership of property, and that the existence of said rights are self-evident, self-existent and transcendent . We believe that “justice is the end (goal) of government,” and “the end (goal) of civil society.” We hold the Constitution of These United States to be the supreme law of the land, and “the government derives its just power from the consent of the governed.” We do not espouse political, religious or cultural beliefs antithetical to the United States Constitution.
The mission of the Virginia Ready Reserve is to equip the local community with the resources, knowledge and security necessary to survive, adapt and overcome natural and man-made disasters, whether they are local, statewide, or national in scale. We provide a safe, knowledgeable, and welcoming environment for individuals to form and develop their skills in long-term food storage, personal security, medical aid, communication, and other survival skills. Through monthly meetings, mentorship programs and annual training events we seek to increase a community’s and individual’s ability to anticipate, avoid, and adapt to austere environments, and provide assistance to members in a time of personal or widespread disaster.

Virginia Ready Reserve Rules and Regulations

Firearms safety

2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to discharge the weapon
3. Don’t rely on your gun’s “safety”
4. Be sure of your target and what’s beyond it
5. Master the mechanical and handling characteristics of the firearm you are using
6. Use correct ammunition
7. If your gun fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, HANDLE WITH CARE AND SEEK ASSISTANCE FROM A RANGE OFFICER
8. Ear and eye protection is required when shooting
9. Always be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before shooting
10. Guns with a modified firing mechanism or altered actions whose alterations have not been performed by a licensed gunsmith are not permitted.
11. All members or the VRR are safety officers, and shall address any unsafe or near safety issues, cease fires may be called by any person feeling the need without reprisals.

General Rules and Regulations for Minutemen

The Virginia Ready Reserve Minuteman are individuals that have shown themselves to be a committed and active members who are interested in going beyond the basics, possesses leadership qualities and have been selected by the leadership committee. The Minutemen typify what the VRR considers it’s “best and brightest.” A Minuteman will conduct himself with the dignity, graciousness and humility that reflect well upon the organization as a whole and specifically the title of Minuteman. As Minutemen, we are willing to guard our families, our local communities and our way of life. We are prepared to give our lives in their defense. We will never forget that we are patriots, and free men, responsible for our actions, and dedicated to the principles that made These United States free.

Requirements for being a Minuteman

1. The ability to possess a firearm
2. No felony conviction
3. Must not espouse political, religious or cultural beliefs antithetical to the United States Constitution
4. The ability to follow orders
5. Honesty
6. The ability to maintain a professional, composed and mature demeanor
7. The ability to take criticism
8. The ability to maintain minimum physical standards
9. No addiction to any drugs, alcohol, or mind-altering substances
10. No chemical dependency on mind-altering prescriptions (I.E. SSRI’s)

The following is a list of actions that will result in disciplinary action for a member of the Minutemen, up to and including dismissal from the Minutemen and/or the Virginia Ready Reserve

1. Unsafe handling of a firearm (negligent discharge, “sweeping,” failure to unload weapon when instructed to do so, ect.)
2. Racism
3. Criminal behavior, intentional or otherwise
4. Advocating illegal behavior, sedition or rebellion against elected authority
5. Recurring authority issues or failure to follow an order without sufficient cause
6. Illegal modifications to weapons, or violation of state/federal firearm laws
7. Deceit or dishonest representation
8. Recurring problems with maintaining a professional and mature demeanor, taking criticism
9. Unwarranted and malicious speech or actions toward other members of the VRR or Minutemen
10. Theft
11. Adultery
12. Repeated failures to maintain physical standards
13. Repeated failure to maintain or acquire proper equipment to fulfill your obligation to the organization
14. Gross incompetence
15. Breach, or actions resulting in breach of SIGINT/HUMINT/OPSEC
16. Actions considered by the VRR leadership committee to be antithetical or damaging to the mission of the organization, the members of the organization or the Minutemen

Disciplinary Action

The following is how the VRR will administer disciplinary action to a member of the Minutemen, a process designed to enable the offender multiple opportunities to take corrective action and present their version of the events. The disciplinary process represents a continuum based upon the severity and malice of the action, and depending on the circumstances may include dismissal upon the first offense.

1. On site correction by Fire Team Leader or Squad Leader (verbal)
2. Correction by Sergeant/Lieutenant (written incident report/counseling statement)
3. Members of the leadership committee contacted and Board of Review created to determine consequences

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